Friday, October 10, 2008

Human Rights to Full Discovery

The Central Issue of the 21st Century, as well as inquiry are the Fundemental Human Rights to Full Discovery.

It is the basic definitions, as well as the verbal and written forms of communications, their interrelationship to ones own environment cultural dynamics in the personal development of perceptions, and how within the present dynamics of globalization this is transmitted and the demands this will have on International InterCultural Communications.

Who are the adjudicators in establishing defined terms?

What is the overall impact this will have on personal rights to self - determination?

How in the development of these rights, whether they are legislated into existance, or paid for by additional education of the individual who are the assigned facilitators?

What are the legal constraints in such immediate and direct concerns on further experimentation on recently fertilized human female ovum for example?

All of which calls into further attention ones own cultural heritage, personal faith issues, and what are connections in whether one has the full rights to recieve access to higher education, and ownership of their research as well.

This likewise calls basic challenges to the pedagogic mission of each University, College, and Technical educating institution beyond secondary education.In International relations, more important for the United States and its allies, how the International aid is to be modified, and the realistic focus in confering with the population on the ground what this means to them personally and as a community.It is this focus and the need to advance its real proposition which demand and informed sector to act as an adovcate; for the principals itself is likewise as important as to defeat the human aging process itself,

In the effort to full investigate the complete environment envelop within life itself, it is the advocacy of fundemental Human Rights to Full Discovery which in the end will create a full life with out aging.

Mr. Roger Meredith Christian, Ithaca, New York, 14850.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Take Back The Night - Changing Ithaca's NightLife?

Join the MSN Group " Take Back the Night " - especially if your are female patron at various nightlife venues, as well as a potential patron.

Wanted are your photos to replace the above illustration. If you want to create a strong personal image and is able to speak out for " Take Back The Night." then your leadership will likewise begin here by such demonstration and will. Send photos - email attachment to

A fundemental change is needed to positive impact the nightlife scene.


Take Back The Night, RMC is the central theme in creating safer environments within the nightlife of urabn centers, towns, and communities. Moreover, and importantly too, to replace the tackyness which is " Ladies Night " promotionals, and the modify nightlife venues with critical information to create change within their businesses' towards their female patrons.

This is part of an online MSN Group Promotional Night Clubs ( NightClubs ), RMC internet networking promotional program.
Please get in touch with us to assist in forming a consensus, offer comments and join our MSN Group Take Back The Night, and rec be placed on our mailing list for Newsletter, and alerts! You can join us here:

Have a Good Days !