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Media Marketing your events for successful attendance / participation. Its free!

Everything is now becoming more and more media centered in how everything is marketed. I saw this happening years ago. Thus you need to get plugged both locally and outside of Ithaca,Tompkins county, New York please then be advise of the following opportunity The major magical clause: " ITS FREE." Roger M. Christian, Ithaca, New York ithacafalcon@aol.com
Both Ithaca Night Life ( NightLife ), NY Online Publications, NY, & Dance 4 America Online Publications are looking for your press releases to published in our various online publications. We ...

Ithaca Entertainment Wednesdays Rap Up

This news item / blog posting is what I will try to do every Wednesday late afternoon as a rap up of events in Ithaca,New York. Roger M. Christian /:

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Alert for Cornell University - Especially For Those Who Are Not Jewish

Hatred has blinded the haters.
Sick of the hate? Do something. Join over 17,000 people who've
The student union at Goldsmiths College in London voted against commemorating the Holocaust this week by a margin of 60 to 1. Education officer Sarah El-Alfy...

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Dance News for NYC Commuters

Did you know that Artistic Director Emerita Judith Jamison's flowing white skirt from Alvin Ailey's iconic female solo 'Cry' is on display at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City? Catch the “Dance & Fashion” exhibition now through January 3.
“Dance & Fashion,” an exhibition at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, charts the intersection of the two art forms, from the 1830s through...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Realities The Local Socio - Political Contradictions

Ithaca's basic socio-political / socio-economic contradictions are immediately discovered in the comparisons between the economic conflicting rolls of private sector and public sector insitutional dynamics; the central cause of Ithaca / Tompkins county being over taxed. With Cornell University, Ithaca College, TC3, and Empire State College, the local information, the local technological discoveries, and the International Intellegence gathering academic processes IE developed by Cornell's PHD Thesis / Social and Human Science Canidates are the available local resources which should have created Ithaca as a Magnet Private Sector Economic Engine. Instead and within the local ethos disability dynamics [Abstracted academic thoughts over both personal, human, and physical realities; Ithaca's reality deficits. ] which emerged out of academia's future funding anxieties, have created the local institutional dynamics and public ethos of expansion of public - non - for - profit sector; thus maintaining dominace over the public sector at the cost of the private sectors securities. Thus enters the single view of proportions,,,,,,,,,,

Right now and with critical path analysis [ Analysis developed at MIT. ] review, which needs more follow up, the proportion of the public academic center is the Three verses the private commerical sector's One. Three verses the One. The contradications ares immediately precieved when they are compared to the working - already proven modle of Three being the private commercial sectors, and the public academic sectors being One which are emplaced now in California within the area of UCLA's LA Campuses' technological and information ethos of transfers benefiting the city of Los Angeles --- whose economic magnet power engines provides very healthy contributions to UCLA's state wide programs and foundations. The City of Los Angeles has other economic producing dynamics which adds to wider proportions. The Three --- is the actual porportion created by academic initiated discoveries and its real value-impact is centered on the established working dynamics of how academic based discoveries were transfered into the private sector. This ---- historically --- for Los Angeles defines the optimal roll of the academic public sector roll function to the adjacent commercial community; the central cause of Berkely's pride... The cycle relationship is then qualified [ The money itself. ] from a simple understanding of the relationship between research and development which triggers greater expansion of economic development and capital expansion of wealth as a result - which likewise necessitates a percentage of cycle of reinvestments back into research and development from the corresponding actual profits resultants.

It is in this view which brings ones attention that locally someone is shooting ones own foot with the revolver still in the holdster. The present local economy is stable --- which long ago was greatly facilitated by Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt's funding of Cornell as the R& D center IE Plant Science, for his Agricultural Economic Development Programs to increase independent owned farm productions in UpState New York. Adding food on the table during the following Great Depression, and why he became President! Despite his disability everyone knew he had a powerful answer to The Great Depression as the program he initiated was the only remaining economic success story!

The impact of the present proportions of Three to One once understood, then and only then when one takes a sound study of the present economic impact dynamics and who and what is its center economic concentration, then one can accurate view what happens when the present Three to One proportion is reversed:

Lower local taxes but higher local Teacher salries.

Lower tuitions but expansion in tenured faculty.

A full time working Elected Ithaca Common Council with higher salries to compet with the private sector, but metro'izing social and law enforment services with higher national level competitive pay rates..

Not to mention the positive impact on local job expansions, career expectations, and greater funded social support structures [ They will be needed as there will be a marginal increase in temporary unemplyment which will emerge in the delay impact economic reaction triggered by each cycle of transfer of R&D timing to the private sector.],

Roosevelt already proved this...........

The local crtitical path analysis reviews included the Economic Impact Studies of the University of Buffalo [ SUNYaB } on the Adjacent Community of Buffalo / Erie County by Dr. Larry Southwick, School of Management, SUNYaB, 1968 through subsequent following studies up to 1972; and UCLA at Berkely's studies directly inspired by Southwick's success in defining academic economic impacts --- as his study became the center for Buffalo's economic redevelopment and lobby success for its mass transiet system - dyring the 70s.. Cornell Economic recent study was likewise reviewed, but found to be limited and problematic [ I.E, A portion of Ithaca Colleges Economic Impact resultant were included unknown to the researchers and was falsely labeled as Cornell's economic derivatives in the study's stats. } in overall comparisons - which indicates a need for Cornell to conduct follow up review studies.

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